We invest in technology, 
we invest in a sustainable future.

Luolio Global Capital is dedicated to promoting the creation and development of technology-based companies that seek to generate a positive impact on the environment and society.
We believe in people with great ideas and help them become reality.
We invest in innovation and technology for a more sustainable future.

Areas and Services


Luolio Global Capital is an independent international private equity fund manager. We foster the development of innovative technological and environmental projects by generating investment opportunities for our investment partners and by offering financing scenarios for growing companies.


We specialise in the technology sector. We help startups and emerging companies grow and obtain funding to implement their business plans.


We are dedicated to seeking and investing in environmental projects and clean technologies. We contribute to sustainable growth and care for the environment by supporting and seeking investment in innovative and environmentally friendly projects.


We offer consultancy services for established and expanding companies seeking financing. We help identify growth opportunities and develop internationalisation strategies.

Real Estate

We offer investment opportunities in the Spanish real estate market and manage assets in collaboration with international institutional funds.



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